Community Participation Transition after Stroke (COMPASS) is a compensatory intervention consisting of one predischarge and five postdischarge home visits by an occupational therapist to supplement usual care. This intervention is focused on resolving barriers to independence in daily activities and participation using environmental support and active practice of daily activities. This is a new combination of evidence-based compensatory treatments delivered in a novel treatment setting (transition to home).


We are in the process of developing a fully manualized, evidence-based training program for occupational therapists to deliver the COMPASS intervention. We will have more information on training as we enter the next phase of our study process. If you would like to be notified when more information becomes available, please email us at, and we will add your name to our waiting list.


Funding for the development of COMPASS was provided by a National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research grant (1611R03HD079841-01A1).