Fall Prevention Bingo is a fun and engaging educational tool that can be used to improve knowledge of fall risks among older adults. Fall Prevention Bingo is played like traditional bingo, except the bingo numbers have been replaced with evidence-based fall prevention information. We have played Fall Prevention Bingo with older adults in senior centers, apartment buildings and naturally occurring retirement communities, and we also have a version that can be played at home with friends and family.

Download the free Fall Prevention Bingo word sheetsbingo cards and the instruction sheet to play at home!

To learn more about the development and effects of Fall Prevention Bingo, read our paper “Fall Prevention Bingo: Effects of a novel community-based educational tool on older adults’ knowledge and readiness to reduce risks for falls.”

Development of Fall Prevention Bingo was supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under award number [MOHHU0024 and MOHHU0040].

Getting Started

Who can play?

Everyone! Fall Prevention Bingo is designed for all ages. This is an opportunity for people to spend time together while learning about an important issue affecting older adults.

Playing in teams can help everyone participate, from the youngest to the oldest, by providing extra support for anyone who might have difficulty reading, hearing or placing chips on the card.

What else do we need?

All players need bingo chips/markers. If you don’t have bingo chips, any small item such as buttons, coins, colored pasta or dried beans will work. Prizes (optional) can range from store-bought items to homemade coupons.

If you plan to play a virtual game, identify a platform to use that works best for your family and friends.

How to Play

Before you start

Gather supplies…

  • Bingo cards (each player needs their own card)
  • Bingo chips/markers (25 per person)
  • Cut and folded bingo word sheets in a bowl
  • Prizes (optional)

Designate a bingo caller and decide on the winning patterns.

Playing the game

  1. Bingo caller pulls one word at a time from the bowl. Caller announces the word and reads the fall prevention fact out loud. Caller sets aside the pulled words until the end of each game.
  2. Players mark each called word on their card.
  3. Player yells “BINGO” when winning pattern is reached.
  4. Caller confirms bingo with the pulled words and gives out prize (optional).
  5. Refold pulled words, return to bowl and mix papers. Play again!

Tip: encourage players to talk about their experiences during the game. For example, if the caller draws “slip,” they may ask everyone to share stories about a time when they had a slip and how it may have been prevented.